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Profile picture of Dr Jenny Wong
πŸ‘‹ Dr Jenny Wong (she/her)
πŸ“– Technical Content Developer @2i2c-org
🐻 Ex-Research Software Engineer @bear-rsg @baskerville-hpc
πŸ‡«πŸ‡· Former post-doctorante @IPGP et @ISTerre
πŸ’§ PhD graduate @CDTFluidsLeeds

Hellooo! My name is Jenny and I am the Technical Content Developer at 2i2c, a US-based non-profit that builds and supports open source cloud infrastructure for research and education communities.

My work is mainly focused on the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative funded Catalyst Project, with the aim of providing research communities in Latin America and Africa with access to large-scale scientific infrastructure. As part of this effort, I will help develop community-based training materials for interactive cloud-native workflows in collaboration with The Carpentries, The Centre for Scientific Collaboration and Community Engagement (CSCCE), Invest in Open Infrastructure (IOI), MetaDocencia and Open Life Science (OLS).

My background is in mathematics, with a special interest in geophysical fluid dynamics. I obtained a PhD in the subject with my thesis titled β€œA slurry model of the F-layer in the Earth’s core”.

This website contains a short bio about me, as well as a collection of presentations and content related to my research projects and training materials.